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Hand Held Metal Detectors

Handheld Detectors - Gelan Detection Systems

For use in conjunction with a Walk Trough Metal Detector, or stand alone, a Garrett Hand-Held detector is a good choice.

Garret handheld metal detectors are characterized by their great sensitivity and reliability. It is not without reason that Garrett handheld metal detectors are used by the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee at Schiphol. Garrett handheld metal detectors are often imitated, but they have never been equalled!


Garret Tactical Hand Held

Garret SuperScanner V

Garret SuperWand Hand Held Detector

Extension handle for Ebinger 610C/T

Handheld Metal Detector Ebinger 610 C/T

Please note: Garrett imitation detectors are offered. Outwardly they look a lot like the Garrett visitation detectors, the detection is worthless! View the features of NEP detectors here!