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Inspection mirror Efis 5

Inspection Mirror Efis 5 - Gelan Detection Systems

Inspection camera on telescopic handle

The Efis 5 inspection camera supports visual inspection in hard-to-reach places. Application areas can be, for example: ships, vehicles, buildings and aircraft. The Efis 5 inspection camera is used in police, customs, army, prisons and security companies.


The Efis 5 is compact and easy to operate. It mainly consists of a lightweight telescopic pole, on which a remote controlled CCTV camera and a monitor are mounted. The extended length of the handle is 3 meters and has a tilt protection.

The camera can be operated remotely and is available as a black and white or colour version, both equipped with infrared LED lighting. The power supply is provided by 8 pieces of 1.5V C-cell batteries, or by rechargeable Ni MH batteries, with a charging time of 4 to 5 hours.

The wide adjustment options of the camera and the extendibility of the stem make the Efis 5 a versatile instrument, suitable for carrying out inspections at any time of the day. Regardless of the amount of light, the camera works in daylight, at dusk, and in the dark. A control knob on the handle allows the camera to be rotated into position.

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