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MAGNEX® 120 LW magnetometer

MAGNEX® 120 LW magnetometer


MAGNEX® 120 LW was developed for the detection of ferromagnetic objects buried underground and in water. Using an extension cable it suits borehole detection locating objects at great depth and in a magnetically disturbed environment. MAGNEX® probes count amongst the most advanced tools in the market.


For borehole detection and water use extension cables with traction relief can be connected between probe and locator electronics water pressure-tight. On demand other special lengths of water cable can be supplied.


For improved productivity and data quality in subsurface EBINGER offers multi-channel systems. The flexible systems are offered in handheld or wheeled version. Multi-channel systems record data reliably during search operation without requiring the presence of an expert. Professional expertise is needed for evaluation of survey data later on a PC.

In EWR clearance operations digital mapping systems are used for tech­nical survey and for QA of cleared areas.


The EPAD® data logger and the EPAS® software are a perfect match for recording, processing, visualization and evaluation of survey data in ERW clearance operations.

The EPAD® data logger can be operated as single or multi channel system (allowing up to six data ports) for technical or QA/QC surveys in the field. The EPAS® software allows the user to focus on the visualization and evaluation of data as it performs complex data preprocessing automatically in the background. The EBINGER system is easy-to-use.

EPAD® data logger, EPAS® software and EBINGER detectors are ideal tools for battle area clearance tasks.

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