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Passenger lock Tourniquets Easygate

Tourniquets Passenger Lock Easygate - Gelan Detection Systems

For fast and trouble-free passage of people

An easygate is often chosen for quick and trouble-free passage for people (also with a trolley or trolley). The easygates have a modern look and can completely replace a turnstile.

The easygate is constructed from durable materials of brushed stainless steel in combination with tempered glass panels (standard). The panels always turn away from the user so that a safe and user-friendly passage is obtained. The lock is equipped with a large number of sensors that detect abuse on which an action can take place. The easygate series can be equipped as desired by using other materials and design so that the easygates fit well into the environment guarantees a constant flow of vehicles allowing high throughput .

The x-ray inspection systems are designed to optimize the security checks at ports, airports and border crossings. They can inspect entire trucks, containers and vehicles in search of explosives, narcotics, weapons of mass destruction, smuggling and other illegal substances.

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