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Portable Walkthrough Metal Detector, Fisher, M-Scope

Fisher M-Scope portable walk Trough Metal Detector - Gelan Detection Systems

Ideal for temporary setups

The M-Scope WTMD is easy and quick to build and therefore very suitable for temporary installations. Due to its construction, it forms a small package when disassembled and is therefore easy to transport.

The M-Scope comes standard with built-in batteries that are good for more than 40 working hours, and is equipped with zone detection, i.e. top, middle and bottom, is splash-proof and has a built-in trolley to facilitate movement.


  • digital keypad with secure access code (can be disabled)
  • LED indication indicates amount of metal
  • LCD display with setting information and adjustable volume
  • memory to save specific settings
  • self-test / automatic calibration on power-up
  • people counter
  • three zones (top / middle / bottom), indicated by LED
  • completely adjustable to personal preference
  • open design gives operator full view around the detection port
  • assemble / disassemble in just 5 minutes
  • can be used indoors and outdoors
  • nutrition by means of 2 batteries, for continuous use of 40 hours
  • weight : 45 kg
  • dimensions : 223 cm x 58 cm x 91 cm (assembled) / 93 cm x 58 cm x 66 cm (disassembled)

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