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UWEX® 722 C onderwater metaaldetector

UWEX® 722 C onderwater metaaldetector


The UWEX® 722 C is a highly sensitive metal searching device for use underwater and on land. According to the detection job it can be operated in the short or in long version. It is pressure tested up to 60 m. Operating in saltwater will not interfere with the proper functioning of the device!

The UWEX® 722 C detects all types of metal including small pieces of precious metals. The pressure waterproof headset gives a clear audible signal with large frequency displacement. This makes it easy to pinpoint the target.


The UWEX® 722 C consists of a search head with joint, which is flanged to the detector handle containing the detector electronics. For normal land use or for working in underwater vegetation an extension rod can be inserted between search head and electronics cylinder.

The detector is switched on by rotating the handle by 180° in a clockwise direction. The ear shell can be removed from the waterproof headset for use with a dry diving suit. The sensitivity adjuster ring permits tuning of the audio threshold.


The UWEX® 722 C works in accordance with the Pulse Induction Principle (PI). The reading-in of interference due to conductive saltwater or ground is excluded. The size range of objects to be detected can be selected. Local interference or unwanted signals from small metal scrap, e.g. nails or short pieces of wire, can be considerably reduced by tuning of internal adjusters. The advantages are obvious!

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