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UWEX® 725 onderwater metaaldetector

UWEX® 725 onderwater metaaldetector


EBINGER search devices are used world wide to reduce the potential hazard from unexploded ordnance remnant of the world wars. UWEX®725 is the latest design for underwater use,it relieves the scuba diver from equipment operation improving the efficiency of his work.


Due to the simplicity in operation and handling the UWEX® 725 the diver is allowed to fully concentrate on his work. The underwater metal detector can be programmed to fade out interfering signals from non- cooperative soil,magnetic rock and small pieces of scrap metal,which reduces the time factor significantly. The identification of metallic objects is facilitated by the modulation of the audio signal upon approaching the target.


The UWEX® 725 is a compact underwater detector. It consists of a foldable oval probe with flanged joint connection, the handle with built-in PI electronics.On the control section there is the stepping switch for the operation mode DYNAMIC/STATIC as well as the pressure tight headset socket. The ear pad and the headband can be dismantled to be worn under the head gear. A vibration signal transmitter is available as additional accessory that can be acoustical perceivable under water. The flanged battery tube accommodates 6 c-cell batteries.

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