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Walk Through Metal Detectors

Walk Through Metal Detectors (WTMD) - Gelan Detection Systems

A WTMD already has a preventive effect as soon as it is installed! It is now a familiar image that WTMD are used in places where there is an increased risk of theft of valuable goods or where safety must be guaranteed. This includes applications in government, warehouses, companies, warehouses, assembly companies, catering, public spaces, events, etc.


Walk Trough Metal Detection , Garret MZ6100

Walk trough Metal Detector, Garret PD6500I

Portable Walkthrough Metal Detector, Fisher, M-Scope

Different models  Walk Trough metal Detectors

When passing through a WTMD, the detection gate indicates if and where a possible object is located. Depending on set programs and sensitivity, smaller or larger metal objects may be detected. Detection of even very small objects is possible, such as a coin.

In general, the throughput of people will be increased: more people can pass in a shorter time compared to manual control.

If the WTMD is used in combination with a baggage scanner/X-Ray detector, the guard can also immediately determine what is in the baggage and the entire handling process will take place quickly: both the WTMD and the baggage scanner/X-Ray detector contribute to a reduction of the operating costs.

WTMD and baggage scanners/X-Ray detectors can be hired for temporary installations. If desired, these can be delivered and installed on site, and personnel can be provided with clear, concise instructions.

If you would like to know what the options are for you, please do not hesitate to contact us!