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Walk Trough Metal Detection , Garret MZ6100

WTMD, Garrett MZ6100 - Gelan Detection Systems

Walk Trough metal Detection with Zone Indication

The Garrett MZ6100 combines high-quality features that can be expected from a detection gate, with an attractive price.

The development of the MZ6100 detection gate is based on use in various applications: stadiums, warehouses, embassies, courts, prisons, etc. The 15 preferred programs that are immediately available allow a quick setting per location. Of course, the sensitivity can be adjusted freely

Setup with automatic interference scanning enables fast commissioning. Multiple ports can easily function close to each other without being influenced by each other.

The gate can function without mains voltage by means of batteries (optional). Once in use, an object’s location will be displayed at 20 different heights.

If a CMA module (option) is installed, reading and operation can take place on a computer. When using a VMI baggage scanner, readings of images from the baggage scanner and detection gate can take place on 1 screen, which can be cost effective in operating costs. Inquire about the possibilities of this!

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