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Walk trough Metal Detector, Garret PD6500I

WTMD Garrett PD6500i - Gelan Detection Systems

Walk Trough Metal Detector with Zone Indication

The Garrett PD6500i is a user-friendly WTMD with very high-quality properties. It is not without reason that this WTMD is used at embassies, airports, penitentiary institutions, prisons, warehouses, discotheques and schools.

  • 33 pin point zones
  • Left/right and 6 height views of objects
  • Red/green passing lights for optimal traffic speed
  • Sensitivity per zone is adjustable, so that certain heights can be extra controlled
  • Freely adjustable random generator for checking drugs, memory cards, etc.

Options for this Walkthrough metal detector

  • Control Monitor Analyzer (CMA): by means of CMA the detection port can be operated and read out on a PC. Historical data such as number of passes and number of detections are stored for subsequent analysis;
  • Desktop Remote Control: the control panel of the WTMD is “copied” and housed in a desktop housing which can be placed on a desk. Also left/right/height indication
  • Transport trolley: permanently attached to easily move the WTMD
  • Battery: guarantees 10 hours backup time after power failure

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